So, I'm still using a Palm Centro, because (shocking though this is, with its OS that hasn't been updated in ~6 years) I think it's still the best phone on the market. This is what we call "damning with faint praise". But really, my only complaints with the Centro are the web browser and the camera.

iPhone: all the obvious Apple douchebaggery aside, it has many things to recommend it, but I hate the on-screen keyboard. That's a deal-breaker. I won't use any phone without a physical qwerty keyboard.

G1: I played with one in a store the other day, and the software is very alpha. You constantly have to turn the phone because it only occasionally notices how you are holding it. The web browser zooming is kinda crummy. There was a whole bunch of stuff about it that made me say, "Don't you people do usability testing?" Also apparently you can't sync it with your desktop, you can only sync it with online Google services. And, T-Mobile's network is composed of dixie cups and string. But, the real deal-breaker is that it has no headphone jack! There's this gigantic adapter that plugs into a micro-USB port. EPIC FAIL.

Are there any other sane options out there?

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I sure hate Livejournal on election days.

  1. I voted weeks ago (permanent absentee) and I don't understand why anyone would ever choose to wait in line to do it in person at the last minute. Are you massochists?

  2. Please stop telling me to vote no on 8. Do you honestly think that there's anyone who reads your LJ who would vote yes? Seriously? Seriously? I know it's fun to get worked up and rant at the choir over things you can't affect, but come on, shut up.

  3. Just about everyone on my friends list who has posted about the election in the past few weeks has trotted out the same old platitude that goes: "I don't care what you vote for, but please vote! Even if you are completely uninformed and/or will vote to undermine fundamental principles of our democracy, please vote!" Shut up. You're an idiot.

  4. That Spider Jerusalem quote.

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