mixtape 059

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 059. It is, as has become typical, mostly new stuff with a smattering of old stuff that the new stuff reminded me of. I'll let you in on a little secret: usually I have one or two mixtapes in the queue, because that's less pressure. Yeah, I post the one I prepared last week, and then work on the one two weeks out. Does that make you feel cheated? Well, this time I drained the queue* and so this week's mixtape was actually made this very afternoon. Perhaps you will find it more "authentic". Anyway, I did subject it to the "nap test", where I played it very loud while taking an hour and a half nap before a night of drinking. I found that it passed that test very nicely. I hope you agree. What will next week's mixtape hold? EVEN I DON'T KNOW. Blue sky, people. Blue sky.

* That's what she said.

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oh. mah. goff.

jwz: OH DUDE
netik: what is this
jwz: it's AMAZING
netik: oh my gof
jwz: it just keeps getting better, wait for it
netik: this reminds me of the clay people
otterley: this looks like something out of my high school video production class
jwz: this totally would have been released by cleopatra in 1993
song and video
netik: cleopatra would have made a tribute album for this guy's band
eric would have submitted a remix
The Hunger! C:\ "Do you know how many timezones there are in egypt" remix
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Fail more

If The Fillmore were a woman, she'd wear expensive, stylish clothes, but have a voice like Dr. Girlfriend and reek of bong water from across the room.

This time I managed to mostly avoid the great jetting plumes of pot smoke that went off twice a minute like a school of whales breaching, but mostly my reaction to the show was, "I think there might be a band playing beneath this molar-rattling bass hum." How do you manage to make the bass howl like that when the band has no bass or drums? Jesus.

But I'll count the 25 minute, $16 quesadilla that tasted like a $2 grilled cheese sandwich as "my own damned fault". There was a time when the food at Fillmore was actually pretty good, but I keep forgetting that that time was, like, more than ten years ago.

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I have dubbed the shirtless boy with the floppy hair and Pollack-ian suspenders "Dexy's Midnight Hipster".

I, for one, welcome our new rubbery, tongueless robot masters.

Robots with lips and vocal chords.


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My Name is Bruce

My People:

We must go see My Name is Bruce on Dec 17.

However, it's not clear to me whether he will be speaking at the showings at Embarcadero, or at Bridge, since it's showing at both. Anyone know?

Scene missing! A video in this post has disappeared. If you know of an accessible version of this video, please mail me so that I can update this post.
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Sparkly Potatohead presents: "Goth: yer doin in wrong."

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"Don't you fuckin' put this on the internet."


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Remember when you used to be able to search for "productname + review" and actually find a review? Yeah, those were the days.

Wait, what?

Wait, did this song just include the line, "every quotation that dribbled from your mouth like a final, fatal livejournal entry"?

Yes. Yes it did.

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