mixtape 055

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 055. Last week's mixtape, with the zombies and vampires and so on, was (alas) more more Halloweeny to read than to listen to, so here's one that you are more likely to want to play at your actual Halloween party. Thus I'm posting it a little early.
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  1. pflanze says:

    I like this mixtape much. Much Goth, or Gruftie (as called in German) music, kinda backward, but of a calm kind that gets you.

    Sadly the track I like the most, She Cries Alone (rivalled by Alle In Asche, Kill the Lights, and Burned at the Stake), seems to have a defect at about 2'01''; you've used that track in mixtape 018 already and it had the same issue there.