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  1. phoenixredux says:

    So the police are selling T-shirts that celebrate police brutality, and nobody seems to have a problem with that? Very surreal.

    This is what happens when we replace the Bill of Rights with flag lapel pins.

    • maxmin says:

      We can wear a Kill Cops shirt, why shouldn't they be able to wear those?

      Free speech goes both ways...

      • phoenixredux says:

        Actually, I'm pretty sure that a "Kill Cops" t-shirt isn't protected Free Speech, since it incites others to commit violence. With the Rights enshrined in our Constitution comes the responsibility to exercise them judiciously. And the Police have a sworn duty to protect the public, they shouldn't revel in their brutality! Celebration of tyranny among the constabulary will only breed more tyranny. I have a friend who was brutalized by a cop in St. Paul during the RNC, so please excuse me if I've lost my sense of humor about the excessive behavior of our police.

      • Their right to expression is protected, but not insulated from consequences. If a police officer wearing a shirt that appears to unironically state their interest in abusing their power and doing their job improperly, that might reasonably affect how much people trust them, and which powers the polity wants to allow them. I think it might also reasonably figure into hiring and promotion decisions.

  2. nyecamden says:

    It's funny sad because it's true.

  3. evan says:

    I thought of that pairing too when I saw that yesterday!

  4. So, but, where's the web link where we can buy one of the shirts to wear ironically?