Just-post-realtime nanoreview

"Say Hi To Your Mom" (WHO ARE AWESOME) (even though the sound kinda sucked) have taught me that all songs can be partitioned as follows: "This is a song." And: "This is a song about vampires."
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4 Responses:

  1. dreamyshade says:

    my little sister saw them in los angeles a couple days ago and thought the sound was bad too - too much noise, not enough voice.

  2. 1eyedkunt says:

    that show was awesome -but way to short! If it'd been up to me I would've cut the two middle bands in favor of more Say Hi.

    but yeah, sound has always been an issue for me a BotH with bands where you really want to hear the lyrics. I remember seeing the Roofies there years ago and being really annoyed because you couldn't hear a godamned word they were saying, and like Say Hi, they're all about the clever lyrics.

  3. capo_mojo says:

    If you don't think you have enough indie-pop songs about vampires (and, really, who does have enough indie-pop songs about vampires?) you could also check out Tullycraft - Every Scene Needs A Center. Not my favorite Tullycraft but by far the most vampire-centric.