These guys bring teh funk. Like Fluke meets Wolfang Press. I also suspect they are Shriekback fans.

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  1. gths says:

    I was a little disappointed to learn that they were, in fact, English. Probably bigger Neu! fans than Shriekback fans, but eh, still good stuff.

  2. They remind me a lot of Appliance.

  3. pixel_juice says:

    Does any one have the FLAC of Happyhead's album "Give"?

  4. ms_nobizit says:

    Wolfgang Press!
    There's a name I haven't heard in awhile. Sounds like an awesome show

  5. lovingboth says:

    It's been a while (OK, a year) but thank you for this: it got me seeing them, and yes, they are wonderful.

    Someone should do an xscreensaver that takes a video and makes it look like their dice backdrop...