Aim low

I think the service at the Pancho Villa on Embarcadero might actually be consistently worse than the service at the movie theatre snack bar at Metreon.

And that's a seriously low bar to duck under. We're talking contortionist levels of service industry limbo here.

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10 Responses:

  1. loftwyr says:

    Not a good place for a wedding reception, then?

  2. mc_kingfish says:

    Urinate on the grill. It always works.

  3. dali_drama says:

    so lemme guess:

    if they've indeed surpassed the metreon in poor service, then you had to make yer own gosh-derned burrito, didn't you?

  4. liveavatar says:

    Fuck, I did not believe that was possible. My last experience at the Metreon led me to think the snack bar was hiring only hostile mutes afflicted with learned helplessness.

  5. scullin says:

    Come on, they were featured in Bon Appetite in 1996! Nothing wrong with a little laurel resting.

  6. belgand says:

    Now that I think about it I can't even think of another place close by to get a burrito. That's terrible... to not only be stuck with Pancho Villa, but with terrible service.

    I couldn't compare to Metreon though. As bad as prices for movies have gotten these days I can't even contemplate paying their outrageous concession prices.

    • cryptomail says:

      Make your own popcorn and grease it yourself from home.
      Also I bring a flask of vodka :D
      Shhhhh don't tell anyone!

    • owen says:

      Taco truck at Speare and Folsom. Beats Pancho Villa hands down.

      • belgand says:

        Excellent. The two most important things I've found to know at all times are for any point in the city are: where in the hell can I go to the bathroom and where is the closest, best burrito.

        A shame that Muni stops have been rendered less important than taco trucks. Then again, you can almost always rely on the taco truck to actually be there.

  7. pygmalion says:

    Ahk, they cater to tourists who will never be back. No need to impress anyone.