"Give it up." "Whooo."

This is genius. The race itself was pretty entertaining, but the announcers were utterly despicable. As someone commented, "Somewhere, a strip club is missing its MC."

Soapbox Race in Dolores Park, a partial transcript

Stu, is this great or what? This is great Jay! It fuckin' rocks to be here right now in San FRAN-CISCO!!! Give it up for these fans. Let's hear the fans. Whoooooooooo! Hahaha. That's right. We're here in Dolores Park. Red Bull bringing it to us so hard right now with the Soapbox Derby in DOLOR-ES! Whooo! Let's throw it down to my boy Shiboya. Shiboya! Wassuuuuuuuup?!


That is one giant football racin' down the street Stu. Yes it is Jay. The question is this Stu, are they gonna hit the jump? Are they gonna make it to the jump. Can they get there? To the jump. It's all about the jump. Well the track is pretty straight. Everyone makes it to the jump. But I don't know. I don't know. It's gonna be insane. Here they come. Heading for the jump. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand. WHOA!!! No way! Major air! Red Bull style air. Takin' it up a notch. Wow Stu. That jump is about 1 foot higher than the rest of the street. Team College Game Day went about 6 inches before those front wheels hit the ground. IN-SANE AIR!