mixtape 055

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 055. Last week's mixtape, with the zombies and vampires and so on, was (alas) more more Halloweeny to read than to listen to, so here's one that you are more likely to want to play at your actual Halloween party. Thus I'm posting it a little early.
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Bring me your wives' earings

There are so many jokes to choose from here, I'll just steal kfringe's:

Irony is dead. Irony is risen. Irony will come again.
Devout pray to golden calf; godless heathens cackle.



These guys bring teh funk. Like Fluke meets Wolfang Press. I also suspect they are Shriekback fans.

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Dear Lazyweb, I'm trying to get the postfix, dovecot, and spamd logs out of /var/log/system.log and into their own files on MacOS 10.5.5. <LJ-CUT text=" --More--(13%) ">

The stock syslog.conf on OSX contains in part:

*.notice;authpriv,remoteauth,ftp,install.none;kern.debug;mail.crit   /var/log/system.log
mail.*   /var/log/mail.log

I tried changing that to:

*.notice;authpriv,remoteauth,ftp,install,mail,local7.none;kern.debug   /var/log/system.log
mail.*     /var/log/mail.log
local7.*   /var/log/spamd.log

And launching spamd with "-s local7".

The result: postfix and dovecot are logged into mail.log and not into system.log. Good. Spamd is logged into spamd.log. Good. But spamd is also logged into console.log. Bad. And I don't understand why.

Also, messages from spamd are logged slightly differently in the two files. Dunno if that's relevant, but the logs look like:

Oct 26 19:01:55 grendel org.macports.spamd[39735]: [39736] info: prefork: child states: II
versus spamd.log:
Oct 26 19:01:55 grendel spamd[39736]: prefork: child states: II

So how do I keep spamd out of system.log?

Update: The answer is, "redirect spamd's stderr to /dev/null or launchd will log it a second time." Apparently spamd spams stderr with all its logs as well as whatever the -s option says.

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mixtape 054

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 054. Remember that thing I said about last week's mixtape? With this one, not so much. As the Kurgan said to the nuns, "happy halloween, ladies."
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weird mail

I just got this odd card in the mail:

Hand-written, sealed with wax, with a phone number and a web site written in light pencil on the back: jejuneinstitute.org.

It looks like The Dharma Initiative, and is apparently some kind of alternative-reality game.

But the real puzzle here is, this was sent to my home address, which isn't terribly easy to find. So which one of you ratted me out?

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Camel Tow

"For when you're in a pinch."

better than Heroes.

Hayden Panettiere PSA:
Scene missing! A video in this post has disappeared. If you know of an accessible version of this video, please mail me so that I can update this post.
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season pass

Pushing Daisies Still fantastic. Perhaps not as good as season 1, but still great. Certainly the most surreal thing to be on network TV since... Twin Peaks, I guess.
Sarah Connor Chronicles I wasn't enjoying the first few episodes of season 2 as much as I enjoyed season 1, mostly because I was really bothered by the Shirley Manson character. I was just not buying it. But with the combination of "Allison from Palmdale" and last week's episode ("The Tower", where Manson's daughter goes to the shrink) I think I see where they're going, and they've redeemed it for me.

I'm still not buying the presence of T-1000 technology in this timeline, though. The T-1000 tech was only able to exist because of the boostrapping technology transfer left behind at the end of T1, and that problem was eliminated by the events of T2, as evidenced by the tech present in T3. So they've got some 'splaining to do before I stop scowling about this one.

And it still bugs me that they never explained how the Cromartie head came through the time bubble without being encased in skin.

Heroes Wow, this season completely sucks, even in comparison to the previous season. I don't give a shit about any of the characters even a little bit. Again, even in comparison to the previous season.
Mad Men I just watched this from the beginning, and I'm totally hooked. It didn't sound like something that would interest me at all, but it's great. The best part is how apocalyptic it is: you can tell that the consensual reality all these people have imagined up for themselves is about to come crashing down, badly. Oh, do read this awesomely obsessive critique of the fonts and props used in the show.
Californication Still enjoying this. It's dumb but funny.
Dexter Still great. I'm less enthralled by the voiceover this season, as a result of Dexter becoming more "human". Generally I hate voiceovers: I think they're almost always a terrible filmmaking crutch. Show, don't tell. Film is visual, and there are plenty of good ways to show internal mental state without turning a visual medium into a radio play. But the beauty of the voiceover in (early) Dexter was that it showed how what he was thinking was in complete opposition to the way he was acting, and that impressed me. But it's less true this season.
Sanctuary This show is bullshit.
True Blood This show is bullshit. It's a trailer-park soap opera that just happens to have vampires. And because that wasn't enough, also a psychic. And they can't decide if the vampires have a physical explanation or are just "magic". I can't tell any of the male characters apart. They look the same and have interchangable personalities (except the vampire is broodier).
Primeval This show is bullshit. But I'm curious about what their explanation of the mechanics of their universe is, so mostly I watch it in fast-forward, to get the mythology breadcrumbs while skipping over the "drama" among various despicable characters.
Supernatural I'm only still watching this because kfringe keeps telling me that it's actually a live-action version of The Venture Brothers, and I keep watching and trying to understand what the hell he's talking about. The first couple of seasons, where it was all "monster of the week", were mind-blowingly awful, but now that they've got a longer arc going, it's a bit better. And the Oktoberfest with vampires episode was pretty funny.
Fringe This show is just deplorable. Everyone says it's ripping off X Files, but if so, they mean it's ripping off the Doggett/Reyes X Files. It seems to me more like it's a remake of Strange World, which was a much better show.
Eagerly awaiting more of:
Weeds I still get a big kick out of this. It's just batshit insane.
The Middleman You really ought to obtain a copy of season 1. It's very funny. It's the same basic idea as Men In Black, but more screwball, and with fantastic intentionally-stilted dialog.
The Gong Show with Dave Attell You're not going to believe me when I tell you that this show is fantastic, but it is. Cookie Mongoloid was on! And a guy who balanced a full-sized lawnmower above his head by the handle while his assistant chucked cabbages into the blades.
Battlestar Galactica Spoiler alert: "This isn't Earth! It's New Jersey!"
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