I don't see a single person I recognise at the Tricky show. What the hell is wrong with you people? This spiny spider-alien came to Earth to share his deep weirdness and you all stayed home!

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  1. icis_machine says:

    bjork was there too?

    • jwz says:

      Tricky is beyond Bjork weird. He's like, Nina Hagen weird. In a cartoon version of Iggy Pop's body.

      • buddycasino says:

        I'm not sure if I should be pleasantly or unpleasantly surprised that anyone outside germany knows Nina Hagen. You don't mean to imply she landed her karma-propelled spaceship on the DNA stage?

  2. I wanted to go, but didn't find out about it until tickets were sold out, and I was too lazy to scour Craigslist (and too cheap to try StubHub). :/ Is it awesome?

  3. I bought tix to Juno Reactor and Laibach. I just went to NIN. My spending on concerts is about done for the year...

  4. heresiarch says:

    this from the guy who thinks the sneaker pimps were pointless after Kelli Dayton left. i bet more people you know will be at this show, though ;P.

    • jwz says:

      I still contend you are confusing "this is someone I want to fuck" with "this is someone who can write two songs that don't sound identical."

      • heresiarch says:

        that's possible, but on the other hand, since i don't actually know chris corner from a hole in the wall, it's possible that his eminent (and immanent) fuckability is somehow connected to the music he produces. his music (and general aesthetic sense) is a large part of what makes him so appealing.

  5. chromebishop says:

    I'm right there! I'm that dark shadowy bit in the right corner of the frame. Or maybe the dark shadowy bit in front of that dark shadowy bit, i'm not too sure from this angle.

    Actually, no, I'm just poor and lame. Was it better then Massive Attack, which I understand is all Light Show?

    • elliterati says:

      I saw Massive Attack last year in Chicago, and, though they were hampered by a substandard sound system, they were AMAZING.

      The light show was nice, but the musicianship was spectacular! One of the best shows I saw last year.

      I missed Tricky, though, by not hearing about it until the day after the show. :(

    • jwz says:

      I didn't go to Massive Attack due to my allergy to stadiums. But, I heard mixed reviews...

  6. elusis says:

    I was bummed not to go, but I spent my entertainment dollars today on seeing a friend in an incredible dance/theatre performance at Yerba Buena.

  7. quercus says:

    For some of us, "home" is the arse-end of Bristol. I sometimes run into the Massive Attack peeps in the local shops.

    • jwz says:

      That's a fascinating anecdote, since you (complete stranger I've never met) are exactly and obviously the person to whom my post was directed.

      Kudos for picking up on that.

  8. amaranthyne says:

    I, for one, was saying goodbye to my boy in the east bay. we did look at the listings, would have liked to go, but had no interest in trekking to the city, much less squishing into the Independent.

  9. violentbloom says:

    it's not like you mentioned it!

  10. amacker says:

    The last few times Tricky played it was totally disappointing. Sounds like this show was much better? Glad you dug it.
    I saw him at Coachella in 2001. I had an All Access Backstage Pass and watched him from the rear of the stage with my friend Nina. No one else was there at all. It was cool to watch him like that, and I loved it, but I heard from people out front that it was pretty lethargic. Dunno . . . love the music. Missed Martine. Maybe seeing him live isn't a sure thing.

    I love Nina Hagen! her musical in London was wonderful. DAMN that girl has some pipes! No wait, that was Lene Lovitch. Separated at birth? hmmmmm

  11. samidha says:

    In a complete fit of random, I wondered if you knew about this video, which I thought might amuse you. Note: Contains giant bunnies and strongly-implied furrydom. ;)