Things you should stop saying:

"Hello San Francisco. How are you doing tonight."
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16 Responses:

  1. maxmin says:

    That's so we know that he knows what city he's in.

  2. revglenn says:

    but that's how he CONNECTS with us. we KNOW he appreciates us because he took the time to do the important research on the town he's playing: it's name. i guess i shouldn't say us cuz i'm not there.

  3. elevatordown says:

    For sheer amusement, I hope they said it so unenthusiastically that it sounded like a statement, rather than an actual question.

  4. mc_kingfish says:

    In Shelbyville they said that Springfield doesn't know how to ROCK!

  5. giles says:

    OK, but what if there was a "Wooo!" at the end? It seems like that would help. Or maybe an "Awright!"

    They seem to do that on pretty much every Scooter track, and I'm not entirely convinced those are actually live recordings.

  6. redstickman says:

    it's even better when they mispronounce the city. or say the wrong city entirely.

    • Chris C says:

      Phil Anselmo once managed to take about fifteen seconds at a gig I went to, getting no close than "...Europe!"

      I don't know. I love a bit of decent band chatter, but even the complete bullshit is better than running through a setlist with no more action than checking the time now and then. That's what Mindless Self Indulgence appear to be like when they're not being filmed.

      - Chris

      • belgand says:

        Ah, but what about the pre-scripted anecdotes and heavily rehearsed "impromptu" moments that occur for some bands? Apparently The Decemberists had a bit of a problem with this on their last tour even though it was a rather good show and much of it felt natural until I discovered the horrible truth.

        At the same time when Godspeed You! Black Emperor took some time to relate the story of how on the way to the show they were stopped by police after a gas station attendant reported that they seemed like terrorists that was exactly the sort of thing I like to hear.

        Ted Leo was also rather excellent at responding to the audience and relating some great stories.

    • Without the pain of repition, there cannot be the joy of the lame screw up.

      But probably never as good as hearing the governator try say "San Luis Obispo".

    • hafnir says:

      Or even better (i.e. worse) "Hello Frisco. How are you doing tonight."

  7. cattycritic says:

    ur doin it wrong. you were supposed to be a drunk off your ass pot smokin frat boy and go WOOOOOOOOO!!!!!11! *puke*