The spammers have found Youtube.

I hesitate to link to a spam page, but check this shit out! Apparently the spammers are now taking the title of one (real) Youtube post, the description of another, and the video from a third -- then pre-pending some textual spam bullshit to the front of the video itself and re-uploading it. (And I'm seeing lots of these because they keep mentioning DNA Lounge.)

It's hard to imagine a more wasteful form of spam. Gratuitous video! This evil goes to 11. It's like the bandwidth-thief version of billboard trucks.

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12 Responses:

  1. nebulosity says:

    I wonder why people do that... it seems pointless to me. o_O

  2. Thanks for putting the rel="nofollow" on the link there!

  3. vomitrocity says:

    The billboard trucks in my area are all for strip clubs. :(
    I hates it.
    One in particular has a girl wearing nothing but strategically placed cinnamon buns and it says "Hot buns!"

    • chuck4 says:

      Where do you live and are they hiring?

    • miguelitosd says:

      But the worst billboard truck I've seen was a lighted, scrolling one that was, ironically.. an ad for a local law firm that specializes in defending DUI cases and personal injury. Yes, driving around a big visual distraction through traffic might be one way to help drum up business perhaps. I snagged some super crappy vid off my phone at the time (which doubly sucks because I wouldn't let it distract my driving and did it without really looking at the phone).

  4. rane500 says:

    I haven't gotten a second sighting on this so I can't say it wasn't a random fluke or not, but...talking about evil dialed up to 11:

    One of my coworkers received a notification that he had received a new message at his account on RottenTomatos. Except...he'd never signed up for an account on RottenTomatos. He tried his e-mail and usual throwaway password (he went to RT manually, not through any link) and it didn't work. He requested a reset, got the password (which was random characters), logged in, and discovered that it definitely wasn't something he opened. Random data in the name field etc. The message in his inbox? Spam for a personals site.

    As near as we can figure, someone/thing signed up for the account with their e-mail, confirmed, and then switched to his e-mail - which I know most sites don't confirm - and then sent him a spam.

    That borders on psychotic if that's what actually happened.

  5. aris1234 says:

    I'm sure google will loooove this alternative form of advertising on their platform.

  6. kamaraga says: "DNA^2", about a boy whose "woman allergy" causes him to throw up when sexually aroused. His miserable life is complicated when an attractive woman travels through time and space to shoot him with a DNA-altering bullet to prevent him from becoming the first Mega-Playboy. This dreadful Playboy is a person whose special DNA makes him so irresistible that women can't stop trying to have his babies, all of which will then become carriers of this Playboy DNA and thus eventually cause a world-wide catastrophe in the future. Unfortunately, the time-traveling agent makes a mistake and shots the boy with a DNA-altering bullet reserved for making a man into her ideal husband, which -- of course -- is what makes him into the first Mega Playboy. The rest of the series is her trying to fix this mess without being seduced (seek to 3:40 in the video).

    • vxo says:

      Huh. Is this actually a good anime, or just completely ridiculous?

      • kamaraga says:

        I've only seen a few episodes, but wouldn't particularly recommend it. However, if you're interested in its genre of "simple slapstick romantic comedies featuring a quirky boy surrounded by lots of girls wearing too little clothing", you should look into well-done series like "Maburaho" (good plot and reasonably deep characters), "Magikano" (silly but fun), and "Amaenaide yo" (ridiculous yet amusing with excessive fan service).