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"I'm singing the doom song now"

This Stewart/Colbert interview is hilarious.
"Look at what they promised when they took over Congress. I've never heard such hardcore rhetoric. ''The era of the blank check is over! And we will send a sternly worded memorandum -- nonbinding -- to somebody at the White House. Not necessarily the inner executive circle, we certainly don't want to offend, but...'' And then they got in and were like, ''Really, you want to eavesdrop? Okay, we'll let this one go. But this is the last blank check! Unless you want another. But let me say this: The next one will not be blank, because we'll just write in the memo line. Can we write in memo? Would you be bothered by that?'' "


Scene missing! A video in this post has disappeared. If you know of an accessible version of this video (search), please mail me so that I can update this post.
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The changing face of SOMA

It occurs to me that the front of my building always smells like piss because of all the people walking their dogs. This is in stark contrast to how it was ten years ago, when the front of my building always smelled like piss because of the human debris.
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I want to believe that Ellis just makes these things up. But he cites references.

Gaia Has A Bumhole

So I wake up this afternoon to Alex Steffen informing me that We're All Doomed. To wit, the executive editor of Worldchanging.com was telling me that permafrost on the Arctic seabed has been warmed away, allowing vast underground pockets of methane to ascend in great "chimneys," causing the sea to foam and scientists to fall over in horror because methane is a greenhouse gas twenty times better at its planet-cooking job than good old CO2. These underground deposits were lidded over before the last ice age, apparently, and would have stayed bunged up if, ha ha, there hadn't been rapid climate change in the Arctic over the last twenty years.

Should all concerns be confirmed, it appears that we're all going to die from the escape of monstrous planetary farts from beyond history.

Funnily enough, though, Spook Turds From The Bottom Of The Sea are washing up on the shores of New Zealand. Now, this is New Zealand for you: a six foot long barnacled white lump of fatty crap turns up on the beach. What do the locals do?

Mrs Wilkie was keen to cut the greasy lump into blocks and sell it as moisturising sunblock.

Because that's the first thing you think of when an alien turd the size of a Smartcar plonks itself on the sand. Not "what in hell did that come out of?" But "can I screw a few dollars out of people by conning them into rubbing sea-monster shit on their skin?" You can at least rely on the English to try and screw it or smoke it first.

I can't yet construct a workable theory explaining that these things were fired out of an underground sphincter in the Arctic. But I'd like to, if only to make James Lovelock swallow his tongue. Wouldn't it be lovely to explain to him that we discovered where all the indigestible trans fats that we place into the earth in the form of dead people actually go?

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Shepard Fairey's in town

I was only just informed that Shepard Fairey has a show in SF. Why don't you people tell me these things?

Dear people I actually know in real life: We must go to this. I saw his show in NYC, and the full-sized canvas versions of his prints are incredible. I guess he's here until the end of the month? (Which is Tuesday.)

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mark your calendars

Upcoming events that I am considering attending:

Sat, Sep 27:   Brazilian Girls @ Mezzanine 
Mon, Sep 29:   A Place to Bury Strangers / Sian Alice Group / The Blacks @ Bottom of the Hill 
Sat, Oct 04:   Vertigo (the movie), in Union Square 
Sun, Oct 05:   Babyland @ DNA Lounge 
Tue, Oct 07:   Cruxshadows @ DNA Lounge 
Thu, Oct 09:   Attrition @ DNA Lounge 
Fri, Oct 17:   Johnette Napolitano @ Du Nord 
Fri, Oct 17:   Hubba Hubba Revue @ DNA Lounge 
Sat, Oct 18:   Super Ego @ DNA Lounge 
Fri, Oct 24:   Laurie Anderson @ Zellerbach 
Fri, Oct 24:   Mortified @ Make-Out Room 
Sat, Oct 25:   Laurie Anderson @ Zellerbach 
Sat, Oct 25:   Thrill the World  (location still unknown)
Sat, Oct 25:   Mortified @ Make-Out Room 
Tue, Oct 28:   Fujiya & Miyagi @ Independent 
Wed, Oct 29:   Crystal Castles @ Independent 
Thu, Oct 30:   Crystal Castles @ Independent 
Sat, Nov 01:   Lykke Li @ Independent 
Thu, Nov 13:   Stripmall Architecture @ DNA Lounge 
Fri, Nov 14:   The Breeders @ Slim's 
Sat, Nov 15:   The Breeders @ Slim's 
Mon, Dec 15:   Amanda Palmer @ Bimbo's 
Fri, Dec 19:   Felix da Housecat @ Ruby Skye 

Dear people I actually know in real life: who's going with me?

Note: Laurie Anderson is assigned seating and will sell out.

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DNA Lounge: Wherein Jesus is spotted in unlikely places.

Photos are now up of the Hubba Hubba Revue "Olde Time Religion" show, hallelujah. Don't miss the animated cartoon.

I found it entertaining that one of the vendors there was only selling a table-full of pasties. I guess that tells you that it's something of an insider crowd... How is it that the pirate store describes themselves? "Purveyors to the Industry", or something like that?

Also: R. Black has outdone himself this time, with his triptych of flyers for the upcoming Goth Week. Collect all three!


"Is this gonna be a stand-up fight, sir?"

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Rick Avery is a spamming douchebag.

In response to my third or fourth request (over several years) to have this guy stop filling my (physical) mailbox with his glossy postcards trying to sell me overpriced real estate, I got this reply explaining why he considers it impossible for him to stop spamming me:

From: rick@rickavery.com
To: Jamie Zawinski <jwz@jwz.org>
Subject: RE: remove
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 2008 17:46:37 -0700

Hi Jamie,

I do apologize for not taking you off my list, but it is updated every so often with a master database.

I'm sure you receive other unwanted mail so I am sending you this helpful site where you can take your address off mailing lists:


I hope you find this helpful.


Rick Avery

Sotheby's International Realty
117 Greenwich Street San Francisco, CA 94111

Cell 415-710-5014
Office 415-901-1782
Fax 415-901-1701


Dear Rick Avery,

Please die in a fire.


As mentioned before, I use GreenDimes, and it works great. Pretty much the only paper spam I get is from shitbag realtors like Rick Avery, and from AT&T.

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it's made of meat.


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