mixtape 048

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 048. Lots of new stuff this time!

The Dropz singer is Kelli Ali from Sneaker Pimps. (People may tell you that Sneaker Pimps released albums after Becoming X. It is best to ignore those people.)

At the Amanda Palmer show a few weeks ago she said to the audience, "My album isn't out yet, but how many of you have downloaded it already?" The whole room applauded. She said, "Ok, well, just give me a dollar before you leave."

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4 Responses:

  1. bdu says:

    I actually prefer Splinter or Bloodsport to Becoming X these days, and acquiring the Kelli Ali solo material cemented in that opinion (haven't heard The Dropz yet). But to each their own.

    • loic says:

      I liked Bloodsport, but I don't really consider it the same band as the one that released Becoming X.

    • jwz says:

      You, then, are the people it is best to ignore.

    • rnb says:

      Becoming X is one of my favorite albums, but even pretending that the rest of their stuff comes from a totally different band, I just can't into it. I do like some of Ali's stuff, but I haven't heard the Dropz.