Mashing up "shark" with "jump".

It's easy, you just take the execrable io9 and overlay it on the doddering CNN.

(It's a Bootie interview. I hesitate to even link there, because if there was an award for the worst thing on the web, I'd nominate io9: a purported "science fiction" blog written by a bunch of Xeni clones whose only apparent involvement with SF comes from the scifi channel and TVLand, and who seem to be under orders to post ten times a day whether they have something to post about or not, lest ad revenue suffer. "Hey, let's do another top ten list!" Which has what to do with mash-ups? Exactly.)

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  1. whumpdotcom says:

    I'll agree that Gawker Media's editorial policies create suck, but io9, unlike their other properties, doesn't manage to completely offend me.

    However, Charlie and Annalee have plenty of street cred around written science fiction, so I think it's dirty pool of you to try and pin Spock ears on them.

    • jwz says:

      Like I should give a shit about their "street cred"? Their blog sucks and debases the very term "science fiction". I'm judging them by their writing, not their social circle.

      • autopope says:

        Actually, I second whumpdotcom on this one. Blame editorial, not the grunts on the typewriters.

        • artlung says:

          I liked io9 when it came out and eagerly subscribed.

          But like with almost all the Gawker blogs, several months into it I feel beaten down by the prospect of looking at the new posts to see if there's anything I want to read. I find it, feel glad, and feel vindicated for the subscription. Stockholm Syndrome RSS reading?

          But then, on a day like today, when there was *nothing* of value; I figure out that the relationship is broken, and I have to unplug from the spigot.

          I have done this process with defamer, wonkette, defamer, and today, io9. I felt bad about it, then 10 minutes later I feel relief. I figure if anything good happens there, or in SF, friends will shoot me a link.

          I want a group of my friends to read io9, mark the good bits, and I want to read *that feed*.

        • pavel_lishin says:

          Doesn't change the fact that io9 kind of sucks. I had them on my RSS feed for awhile, until I realized I would read 1 out of 10 posts, and find 1 out of the 5 I read to be interesting.

  2. drwally says:

    I think it is remiss of you, good sir, to denounce a site as containing mostly sawdust and cobwebs, without suggesting a viable alternative.

    • strspn says:

      There seems to be a citation affinity between the jwz-blog and BoingBoing which has, you know, someone who has been publishing science fiction on it. You know what I think would be cool? If they commissioned Annalee to write five to seven paragraphs of sci fi copy for each one of their posts.... if BoingBoing had any money, I mean.

      As for CNN, there are several collections of aggregators which produce better output than the CNN home page. They need to stop putting so many military types in editorial and production roles. No psy ops on the home land please.

    • themoniker says:

      You'll be wanting Tor's new website.
      They have a very active blog with a whole bunch of contributors - Jo Walton on books, Bruce Baugh on gaming, Jim Henley on comics, Kathryn Cramer, John Scalzi and others. Nobody that I notice writing about TV or movies, though (but they've run a bunch of posts on fantasy illustration, and had pretty heavy comic-con coverage).
      Think of it as the anti-io9.

      • elusis says:

        Well, and there's always Making Light, from the Nielsen-Haydens.

        Publishing, politics, emergency medicine, SF literature, and who knows what all.

  3. jesus_x says:

    You also forgot "and they hate everything."I have yet to see a single writeup where they don't offer at least one smack for every positive remark. That's when they aren't just running a tear down piece to start with. Really, would it hurt them to have at least ONE person who likes scifi there?

  4. kallisti says:

    io9 is very much a "Sci-Fi" site, not a Science Fiction site...and Sci-Fi is pronounced "Skiffy". It seems that like many Sci-Fi types, they only see the trappings of SF, not the heart of it.


  5. kowh says:

    The only time I ever venture onto io9 is for their Ask a Biogeek column which is usually mildly interesting at least. And that only because the author links it from his Livejournal.

    Looks like I haven't been missing anything by not venturing further into the site.

  6. mcity says:

    Mr. Z! Mr. Z! What are your opinions on the word "blogosphere"?

    *ducks, covers*