it's made of meat.


12 Responses:

  1. mc_kingfish says:

    Begin the Lol'ing.

  2. nightrider says:

  3. dr_memory says:

    See also.

  4. ivorjawa says:

    I think we're going to need more barbecue sauce.

  5. loic says:

    now I'm hungry...

  6. vomitrocity says:

    New desktop.
    Thanks, mister.

  7. boonedog says:

    I've had steaks that tasted so good I wanted to crawl into them like that. Wait ... does that sound weird?

  8. chuck_lw says:

    "Can't believe I'm about to do this... HEY, GUYS! I CAN'T EAT ALL THIS BY MYSELF!"