It is emotionally true.

I have seen this show literally ten thousand times.
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  1. msjen says:

    This is why they invented Staying Home.

  2. revglenn says:

    why jwz, you wouldn't be somehow implying that watching two keyboardists and a guy walking around on stage playing standard modern industrial somehow get's old or boring would you?

  3. violentbloom says:

    I had been thinking of going, but I'm glad to be on my couch instead. *yawn*

    • strspn says:

      Check out the October 2008 edition of Scientific American where quantum gravity theory predicts the universe will never die. This implies that everyone either will have or has already seen everything. But not both, I suppose.

      • poitoi says:

        ^^ yes, but only if you live for 1/2 of forever.

        • strspn says:

          For someone to see everything, all possible permutations of particle configurations would need to occur. If the universe never dies, then it either repeats or it doesn't, but in either case, it still might not include all possible configurations.

          A repeating universe that doesn't die is as closed in four-space as a universe that does die. And if it is concave (repeating in three-space) then it must repeat if there are a finite number of particle configurations. If things like position are real-valued instead of quantized, there would be an infinite number of particle configurations, in which case, depending on the cardinalities of the infinities involved, all possible permutations might never occur, meaning that nobody could ever see everything.

          However, I am just happy that there are people opposing the all too common myth that the big bang created time. It might be that there was no time before it, but that's just one possibility without any more support than the alternative(s).

      • hafnir says:

        Actually, even better, it implies everyone either will have or has already seen everything an infinite number of times!

  4. g_na says:

    I'm surprised you even went - I thought you were totally done with seeing laptop/industrial bands.