"I'm singing the doom song now"

This Stewart/Colbert interview is hilarious.
"Look at what they promised when they took over Congress. I've never heard such hardcore rhetoric. ''The era of the blank check is over! And we will send a sternly worded memorandum -- nonbinding -- to somebody at the White House. Not necessarily the inner executive circle, we certainly don't want to offend, but...'' And then they got in and were like, ''Really, you want to eavesdrop? Okay, we'll let this one go. But this is the last blank check! Unless you want another. But let me say this: The next one will not be blank, because we'll just write in the memo line. Can we write in memo? Would you be bothered by that?'' "


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3 Responses:

  1. candid says:

    This was the part I found most amazing:

    JON STEWART: I was convinced an Obama/McCain campaign would be measurably different on almost all standards.

    He never struck me as being naive enough to believe something like this.

  2. down8 says:

    I would rather be considered a asshole than an idiot, of course.

    But I am truly saddened by the facts in the last one, namely that Republicans no longer believe in small government, nor isolationism - both things we desperately need.