Dear SNL, stop being hilarious. It's freaking me out.

Palin/Couric Interview


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  1. bladerunner says:

    posting streak!

  2. They're going to have to roll up the money truck to Tina Fey if (God forbid) she and McCain pull off the election.

  3. m4dh4tt3r says:

    WTF! When did SNL get funny again?

    • fo0bar says:

      It happens every 4 years or so. There's probably a correlation.

    • herbie says:

      Having watched the rest of this episode, I can say for a fact that it didn't - Tina Fey stayed funny.

      • The debate skit was funny (if only because it echoed much of my own frustrations when I watched the real thing), and Weekend Update is still OK -- Amy Poehler brings the snark pretty well.

        Otherwise, meh.

        • herbie says:

          There wasn't much worth noting on the debate sketch for me. Weekend update was actually pretty good, too, but otherwise... I was trying to figure out if SNL was doing some awesome surreal meta stuff, or just really sucked.

  4. skreidle says:

    To be fair, it helps when the comedy almost writes itself. :]

  5. bellacrow says:

    it's kinda effortless given the rich material they have to drawn on

  6. gregv says:

    Don't fall for the trap! I tried watching it again. There was only one other funny skit last week beside the Palin/Clinton opener, and it went on too long as usual. This week I figured I'd just fast forward over everything but the political skits, and while this one was good, they had a second one on the debate which I couldn't make it all the way through because it was horrible. Fuck it. If they manage to make a good one again I'll just assume it will be everywhere online.

    They probably have one more good one left in them since we have the VP debate on Thursday which should be another Palin trainwreck. After that I don't expect to see her in an unscripted environment ever again and thus there will be no more funny skits from SNL.

    • mc_kingfish says:

      I watched the whole episode last night, and I thought, overall, it was pretty good. Some weak spots, yeah, but generally speaking it was a major improvement!

  7. *blink* *blink* *blink**blink* *blink* *blink* O_o

  8. kavavita says:

    I'm so in love with Tina Fey now. I watched her Palin interview four freaking times. I've never even watched a repeat of SNL before...

  9. roninspoon says:

    What amused me the most about that skit, was that the funniest and most confused and irrational sounding parts, where a nearly direct quote from Palin.