Chronotron is an obscenely addictive and frustrating game.
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  1. yosh says:

    damn you. damn you to hell.

  2. corpsestomp says:

    If you dig that, you should check out Braid:

    • jwz says:

      Sounds amusing, but it's Micros~1 only. As a wise man once said, "sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I'll never know."

  3. mackys says:

    It must be a good game if it can make me stay up until 4am...

    I'm surprised I finished level 35 in only four or five tries. The timing is unbelievably tough.

    • Show off. For added challenge, go back to level 1 and place your robots in reverse order. That is, first do the input that will pick up the circuit board and return to the Tardis, then...

      (Yes, I'm kidding, but you can actually do this for at least the first five or so levels.)

  4. rbradakis says:

    You hate my chances at having productivity, I can tell.

  5. taffer says:

    They've got a few excellent/addictive games on Kongregate. Those bastards.

  6. bitwise says:

    That's a pretty good one. Right up there with Bloxorz.

    Though I do notice that occasionally the N-1 robot fails to run his path even if I don't do anything with robot N.

    • The edge detection on whether a robot does or doesn't land on an object after a jump fails some of the time. The problem is all they appear to be doing is recording the keyboard input and replaying it, and getting onto and off of platforms and buttons doesn't seem to be absolutely deterministic. I think they ought to be able to record the motions instead of the input and then only rerun the edge detection at the time of replay, but it's possible that would mean edge detection failure in the opposite way (robots don't get destroyed/trapped when they should) and it'd mean recoding the whole thing.

      The solution is to make certain that you always stick the landing. ;^>

  7. remonstrare says:

    Let's not forget Cursor * 10 which was doing the multiple-selves-have-to-collaborate thing before Chronotron was a twinkle in its daddy's eye.

  8. jarodrussell says:

    Coolness. Thanks!