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  1. pfig says:

    it almost makes me want to go out and buy a windows pc.

  2. hexapod says:

    so.. do you think they're going to embed xscreensaver in the Linux and/or OS X versions?

  3. Hey! no fair creating a web cycles. You'll break them internets crawlers!

  4. remaker says:

    Tragically, about:jwz still doesn't do anything. Is there achrome Easter Eggs site, or do I just have to RTFSC?

  5. mcity says:

    Google: still not evil.

  6. mad_tom says:

    I wonder if there's an about:foo that will take you to a site linking a certain computer vendor with serial killers. Nah, that would probably make one of the managers at Google very mad once it hit the press and they'd take away the Chrome team's 20% time. ;)

  7. edlang says:

    I finally got around to playing with it -- it reminds me a lot of Netscape 3 for UNIX with the menu bar and status bar turned off.