It is emotionally true.

I have seen this show literally ten thousand times.
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continuing video fail.

A few hundred dollars later, my ongoing attempt to have my second monitor cloned onto my video projector is still made of fail. What am I doing wrong here?

My plan was this:

My plan fails in two ways:

  1. If I just do this:

    then the monitor just sits there and flickers, trying to display a message about input being out of range. So clearly that splitter confuses the hell out of either the Mac or the monitor. I don't know which.

  2. And if I just do the second part:

    I again get no signal on the projector. Sometimes I saw the projector displaying snow-crash; sometimes it appeared to be trying to lock on to various resolutions that were changing every 5 seconds; briefly, I saw something that appeared to contain the right colors in the static; and now it's decided to just always be black. Anyway, no worky. I tried all permutations of the various switches on the device, and all permutations of the 3 RCA cables.


Update, 2011:

Here's what I'm using now, and it works:

Previously I had been using an "Audio Authority 1366 HD Scaler" instead of the Atlona AT-VGA300CV, and that worked fine for three years, but then it unceremoniously croaked. All evidence suggests that the Atlona has exactly the same hardware inside, but is $30 cheaper.

A full scaler is necessary because my projector will not accept a 1600×1200 signal encoded as component video. It has a small set of standard video resolutions that it can cope with on component (e.g., 480i, 720p, 1080p).

I haven't found a solution that gives me a digital (DVI) pass-through from the Mac to the monitor, but with a good, short VGA cable, it looks fine anyway.

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mixtape 049

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 049.

There's been a lot of new stuff on the last few mixtapes. This one, not so much.

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