what the hell, Facebook?

So, I use Myspace in a very specific way: I friend only bands, and I have a script (no you can't have it, it barely works) that turns my "bulletins" into an RSS feed. In this way I find out about tours and new releases without ever really having to deal with Myspace. So that's ok. It beats trolling Pollstar, anyway.

But if these bands (or even most of them) had Facebook pages, I'd just friend those instead and ditch Myspace entirely, since that'd be easier and far less painful, Facebook already having actual functional RSS feeds.

But what the hell, Facebook? How do you even search for a band on there?? It's like they went out of their way to make it not work.

The best I've found is to google "site:www.facebook.com bandname". Which is disturbingly manual.

I did sign up for the iLike app at some point, and I guess if you asked the iLike people how to do this, they'd tell you that all those bands will be updating their info in iLike, and that's how you find out about them on Facebook rather than by friending ("fanning") the bands directly. But bands never update anything on iLike ever, so clearly that theory has a flaw.

Wasn't brad supposed to have fixed all this already?

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