DNA Lounge: Wherein the beach-head is secured.

We did it! Last night was our first all ages show. Photos are up of Rebelution and Iration. Everything went according to plan, and it was a great turnout, especially for a Sunday. Roughly 30% of the crowd was under 21.

That means that if this had been a 21+ show, we would have gotten half of the audience or less. You don't just lose the people who are under 21, you also lose their over-21 friends, since college kids travel in packs.

The most notable difference, though, was how enthusiastic the crowd was. You just don't see the same level of energy at 21+ shows. These people were glad to be seeing the show instead of just standing around looking jaded. It was great to see that here!

I've also never had so many people stop me and ask me to take their pictures while I was shooting the bands. That almost never happens, and it happened a lot last night.

I had been hoping to get a picture of our first-ever under-21 customers, and give them DNA t-shirts or something, but the line was long and things were pretty chaotic, so that didn't happen. Oh well.

The count so far:

    21+ events since 2001:  1,346.
    21+ events since 1985:  4,200 or so?
    all ages events, ever:  1.