mixtape 047

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 047. This week's mixtape comes on a 120 minute VHS tape instead of on a 90 minute cassette tape. I hope that's ok with you.

Some of these videos have "higher quality" versions, but apparently the "fmt=18" hack doesn't work on Youtube playlists, only on embeds of single videos. So the the video quality isn't even as good VHS. What year is this?

I am sad to report that it took me 10× as long to actually construct the playlist as it did to decide what tracks should be on it. It was such a pain in the ass that I doubt I'll be doing this again soon.

By the way, please tell me your favorite sources of A) new music videos, and B) music videos in higher resolution than the sub-VHS 320x240 crap that Youtube gives us. I already subscribe to the (Miro) music video podcast feeds from if:mv, Cliptip, Antville, Gorilla vs. Bear, Shots Ring Out, No Fat Clips, Telemusicvision, and Zapsation. (A bunch of those fail epically as podcasts because they don't inline the videos, they just thumbnail-link to some HTML page instead. Bleh.)

Update, 19-Sep-2009: Youtube seems to have broken something. If the embedded player doesn't work, try this link.

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