Today's cray-cray

If anyone can explain this one to me... I will be surprised.

Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 20:21:26 -0700
From: "Katie Price" <>
Subject: Oh Yeah????

......well don't get so distrressed.,......did I happen to mention that I'm NOT impressed?

"I am someone you do not want to fuck with" well guess what douchebag,,,,, NEITHER AM I....*sigh* there is SO MUCH that you have NO FUCKING CLUE ABOUT... so why don't we start with the fact that shipley has been on your ass on the behalf of the CIA the entire time you have known him - im not even sure this is worth the energy it takes to type this... ok, poor Axl made the sad mistake of calling the GnR album "Use Your Illusion" he did not understand that it would bring the establisment down on his ass.. the same way with you... u did not understand that what you did pissed off the top 1%... I seriously doubt there is anyone in your life that u can trust.;...realistically, the world at this point is being run by 80 year old people who still hold control over their money.. like Irwin Jacobs... so in order to play this game u need to understand the mindset of someone like that and the fact that it has to do mostly with religious ideology... yes, Marty Pasetta is a fucking racist asshole, and so are most of the studio heads that run hollywood, basically it is up to people in our generation to subvert the power that rules until these motherfuckers die off... and even then they will configure their wills to continue to carry out their ignorance...

i mean.. i have had to become something other than human to survive this far... but u have gone in the wrong direction.. so fuck you and ur marque de sade retard bullshit... heaven and hell does not exist in the biblical sense... but it does exist... and the rest of eternity is a VERY long time to spend in a place like hell.... u might want to give that some serious consideration before it's too late u fucking dumbass

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44 Responses:

  1. This is fucking Art, man. They just don't make really great crazy like this any more.

  2. tiff_seattle says:

    one of those weird spam filter evasion tests that spammers tend to send out?

  3. skywaterblue says:

    Hard Drugs: don't do 'em.

  4. baconmonkey says:

    she is right, that stage right mic was sounding a little muffled last night.

  5. wait... shipley? like, pete shipley?

  6. deviant_ says:

    Stegonographic bot-to-bot traffic.

    • discogravy says:

      JWZ may not be a poet and prize winning author whose pithy writings liberate the soul from the grim meathook future etc etc, but I think it's going a bit far to call him a bot.

      aside to jwz: ask her out; crazy = hot sex, ergo this must be the lay that wears you down to a contented nub.

  7. ydna says:

    It's an early draft of an upcoming McCain speech.

  8. korgmeister says:

    Umm, was anyone there able to catch what she was actually angry about?

    I kinda lost track of things when it span off and started carrying on about the Illuminati and other such conspiracy bullshit.

  9. ladykalessia says:

    Violet Femmes reference would normally be FTW, but in this case is only made of dumb.

    I wonder why Shipley would be working with the CIA? I mean, you haven't left the country in years right? Wouldn't that be the purview of the FBI instead?

    And I'm sure he/she/it means something else, but I could just imagine some chick with cyborg implants tying furiously in a dimly lit parents-basement somewhere.

  10. chaobell says:


    *drinks fifth of vodka*

    Nope, still doesn't make sense.

  11. httf says:

    Um. Parts of this made a kind of sense. That's a bad sign right?

    It has just enough of a progression to it that it might not be spam... I don't know. I've known lots of crazy people though. I was listening to this one schizophrenic I know on a pseudo word salad rant once and in the middle of it, he said "You know, save the planet, eat a vegetarian." Totally lost my shit. That's bumper sticker quality.

  12. gremlingirl says:

    Kids, Don't snort your Ritalin and go online.

  13. ding_0_ says:

    a markov chain seeded with bitterness and conspiracy maybe?

  14. pezking124 says:


    I wish I got e-mails like that.

  15. autopope says:

    Ellipses followed by a subject change are a fairly good diagnostic for schizophrenia.

  16. mysterc says:

    Its code for "the CIA and other three letter government agencies have you under surveillance. They will stop at nothing to stop your subversive plan to support live music. The falcon has landed and the DJ saved my life." You didn't really think they were just gonna let you have an 18 and over license without any strings attached did you?

    I think you chould cover the roof of the DNA with Aluminum foil, just as a precaution...

    • strspn says:

      My first thought was that it had to be from a SUV owner afraid of building pedestrian malls South of Market.

  17. lordshell says:

    Somebody drank a six-pack of crazy for breakfast.

  18. autodidactic says:

    Sounds like you're the end-node equation for someone with schizophrenia trying to puzzle something out. I wouldn't take it personally, unless she shows up on your doorstep.

  19. remaker says:

    Sounds like he is trying to get you to accept Christ as your savior. Like a missionary on crack, I guess. This is exactly the message of most missionary churches - the world is evil and is dead set to ruin you, personally; you can't change it; better join our gang (I mean, church) in order to survive.

    Check out the throwaway gmail address, darsan08: "Darsan is the act of seeing and being seen by the Gods." Religious nutjob, writ large. Or a charter member of the tinfoil hat set.

  20. zonereyrie says:


  21. so fuck you and ur marque de sade retard bullshit...

    I think that is the key to figuring it all out. Or maybe just the BEST LINE EVAR.

  22. nidea says:

    "i have had to become something other than human to survive this far"

  23. uke says:

    Clearly schizophrenia.

  24. boonedog says:

    Do you know this person? If not, it's probably some sort of spam that I don't understand. I get weird spam like this every day in work email. It's usually less lucid than this one - which isn't saying much.

  25. scullin says:

    It's a clever subterfuge to post this as a "crazy rant," when clearly she has you nailed, sadist.

  26. wetzel says:

    very carefully crafted dadadodo input?

  27. vordark says:

    I've actually been getting a lot of stuff like this as a way of beating conventional spam filters. I've seen...

    1. Nonsense strings of words.
    2. Nonsense strings of words with correct grammatical structure (subject, verb, object as in "Colorless green ideas speak furiously.")
    3. Some delusional, conspiracy-theory rambling.
    4. And, my favorite, a travelogue from some "dear friend" having a miserable time in Italy.

    And all so that they can sell me penis cream and videos of Angelina Jolie nekkid.

    Still, what you've got there is comedy gold.

  28. pentane says:

    I've seen the fnords.

  29. rcr203 says:

    The great things is that the spelling is impeccable, aside from the capitalization and cringe-inducing use of texting shortcuts.

    And, hey, they use some of my favorite curse-combinations. "Fucking dumbass". I mean, c'mon! ROCK!

  30. luserspaz says:

    I am apparently on the mailing list of some paranoid schizophrenic guy who happens to have a Polish name. (Maybe he just emails other people with Polish-looking names?) He occasionally sends me treatises on how Bush and Cheney (and other people in the government) are making his internet connection slow and other things to make his life difficult.

  31. I wrote to her with a reasonably specific guns and roses question. She wrote back with a
    reasonably specific answer. So I'm thinking we can rule out spam/bot/dissociated press.
    My vote is drugs. Or drugs plus guns and roses.

  32. babasyzygy says:

    I think I once grabbed some emacs lisp from somewhere that could output text like this...