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Dear Diary, tonight I saw a shirtless man run down the middle of the street. Being chased by another shirtless man. Whose pants were falling down. Because he had just taken off his belt. Which he then began using to beat the first man.

Good times.

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17 Responses:

  1. That is some high-octane comedy right there. Awesome.

  2. revglenn says:

    with all the weird and often horrifying things that you show us here and you manged to either NOT GET or are just NOT SHOWING us pictures of this hilarious awesomeness?

    for shame!

  3. baconmonkey says:

    and yet, it isn't Wednesday.

  4. the_p0pe says:

    san francisco has the best crazy people.

  5. dr_memory says:

    Huh, a little early for a Folsom pre-party, but I guess it's like christmas: the lights go up a little earlier each year...

  6. perligata says:


    When you go walking by night up a street and a man, visible a long way off - for the street mounts uphill and there is a full moon - comes running toward you, well, you don't catch hold of him, not even if he is a feeble and ragged creature, not even if someone chases yelling at his heels, but you let him run on.

    For it is night, and you can't help it if the street goes uphill before you in the moonlight, and besides, these two have maybe started that chase to amuse themselves, or perhaps they are both chasing a third, perhaps the first is an innocent man and the second wants to murder him and you would become an accessory, perhaps they don't know anything about each other and are merely running seperately home to bed, perhaps they are night birds, perhaps the first man is armed.

    And anyhow, haven't you a right to be tired, haven't you been drinking a lot of wine? You're thankful that the second man is now long out of sight.

  7. mc_kingfish says:

    You should have given them a Hubba Hubba flyer!

  8. pikuorguk says:

    Sounds almost like a section of Marilyn Manson lyrics.

  9. notthebuddha says:

    Love the Front 242 influence.

  10. unwoman says:

    I am truly sorry I missed this.

  11. moonchilde says:

    Last week, as I was walking to the yogurt store, I saw one man excitedly prying the shoes off another (reluctant & wriggling) fellow.
    "You know what your problem is?" he shouted, "You don't know how to live!"

  12. mhat says:

    Here and I thought I was observing something special when I saw a homeless guy pooping on Pine just before Kearney Thursday morning. I guess hobo-poop is so passè.

    • belgand says:

      I must be even more naive. I haven't encountered that yet nor have I ever run into any used needles in the street. I even took the time to call the police the other day when I heard what almost certainly sounded like gunfire.

  13. dcdan says:

    A post like this should have photos of said event.