terrifying chocolate man


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  1. bitwise says:

    Damned autoloading plugins... grumble grumble.

  2. crasch says:

    So if I wear Lynx, women will tear me limb from limb to consume my still living flesh?


    • giles says:

      Apparently you regenerate before the next scene, too. Chocolate Wolverine! He's the best at what he does, and what he does is delicious.

  3. theealex says:

    The best one is the woman who takes a bite from behind and looks like she's got shit on her face.

  4. muerte says:

    Autoplaying video is lame... put it behind an lj-cut at least.

  5. netdud says:

    I'm cringing in anticipation of the inevitable "junk in a box" reference avalanche.

  6. giles says:

    I wonder if everybody complaining about it autoplaying has "Play movies automatically" checked in their QuickTime preferences. 'Cause I don't. And it didn't autoplay.

    Women and chocolate are the new kittens and milk! The new hoboes and pie! The new way to sort of insult race and gender and the good people at Hershey all in one go!

  7. stannate says:

    Leftfield and Afrika Bambaataa called; they want their concept back.


  8. nidea says:

    I'm not so sure I want my man to smell like chocolate artificial chocolate.

  9. solarbird says:

    I want to see a thousand Gingerbread Men take this guy down! Now!

  10. bax says:

    This was totally horrifying.

  11. ak_47 says:

    Reminds me this:

  12. babasyzygy says:

    Hm. Totally broken here, on two browsers (Safari & Camino). I just get the Quicktime Q overlayed with a white question mark.

    • Me too. Looks like they're doing some sort of referrer-based redirect -- the embedded .mp4 URL actually returns an http redirect to a blogspot page which has the (same) mp4 embedded in it. Yay internets.

      • rickdeckard says:

        Hi, I'm DeK, the owner of "No Fat Clips!!!"
        Sorry for the redirect, but embedding clips on your homepage is a bad idea and a huge waste of bandwidth and resources. Feel free to link to my blog or even directly to the file, or use a script to launch the clip on request, whatever doesn't overload my server with useless traffic, slowing down the website.