more nutty mail

I have myself often felt the urdent need for chainsaw:

Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 00:47:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brett Johnson <>
Subject: Urdent Order
Cc: [...four random-seeming presumed-noncombatants...]

Hello Good day, Do you carry chainsaw Instock For sale, Wht Brand , odel and size do you carry, and Wht payment do you accept Hope Hear From You soon

I get spam like this a lot. I don't understand it. My best guess is that this is a feeler for responses, and stage two would be check fraud.

But... wouldn't it help to send it to someone who actually sells chainsaws? If you send mail to a zillion random addresses, how many do you have to try before you happen to hit a chainsaw salesman?

Alternately... how did I get on the list of gullible chainsaw providers?

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15 Responses:

  1. sparklydevil says:

    are you sure that's not some dude who went to creepshow peepshow?

  2. suidroot says:

    it also could be a way to work your self onto someone's white list and/or lower a bayes score.

  3. I have no idea, but if you ever start a band, you should *totally* call it The Gullible Chainsaw Providers. I'm just saying.

  4. tjcrowley says:

    The Saw is Family.

  5. telecart says:

    how is babby formed?

  6. strspn says:

    Brett is from the claymation dimension and the urdency is because he's got some zombies about to get through the door to the maid. How can you expect him to type well on those tiny clay keys with zombies at the door?

    Just be glad your fangirls aren't telling you to have sex with him because chainsaw sex is really hot sex and they are projecting. Or transferring.... urm, out of my specialties, I gotta go....

  7. vordark says:

    Just a hunch, but given your LJ is now number two on Google's list for the search term "Chainsaw Maid", I imagine Brett might have used some similar search pattern and just got lucky.

  8. revsphynx says:

    My brother has started to modify chainsaws and may start offering them for sale to jugglers. I'll warn him of the scam, thanks!

  9. discogravy says:

    Perhaps your LJ icon led to a bad guess.

  10. jayp39 says:

    Honestly they are probably hoping for email address verification. Nice people trying to be helpful: "I'm sorry but you seem to have the wrong email address, I don't sell chainsaws." "ah, but you do read and respond to sketchy, spammy emails. cha-ching"

    • gryazi says:

      To my knowledge, Brett is probably a Nigerian (or other creepy-foreign-Internet-type) simply hoping to find a supplier of chainsaws who will accept Western Union or wire transfer from a stolen account. Presumably he has a business opportunity that requires a chainsaw. (I gather these are much more commonly received by vendors of big-ticket electronics, luxury goods, etc.)

      The WTF is how jwz can be mistaken for a chainsaw purveyor, but maybe his LJicon has something to do with it.

  11. earle says:

    And there I was thinking I was the only person that remembered Daisy Chainsaw.