mixtape 043

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 043. Mostly new stuff this time around...

Some trivia: 1) The story behind Red Flags is pretty funny: in a nutshell, guy's date leaves with his friend, so he sets their Myspace apologies to music. 2) The album version of Zerox Machine covers the track pretty much like a glove (so, why bother?) but I like this remix of it a lot. 3) I saw Minipop last week, and they were fantastic. They reminded me a little of Belly with some My Bloody Valentine mixed in. 4) You've probably heard that Freur track at some point, but you might not know that they later changed their name to Underworld. Doot Doot was the first time I ever heard a backward delay on vocals, which I still think is an awesome sound.

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  1. violentbloom says:

    underworld was my gateway drug from industrial to electronica/techno

  2. jered says:

    The preverb on Stagger is the instance that stands out most in my memory. It's incredible how much the band changed from mk1 to mk2 days -- Doot Doot and Under the Radar are fun, new wave bubblegum, but "dubnobasswithmyheadman" was (to me, at least) a revelation.

    BTW, this is my favorite mixtape since the first (I think?) one, the one with Amaryllis in the Sprawl and They on it. Keep up the good work.

  3. waider says:

    Red Flags: excellent. Finishes on exactly the right line, too.

    ILuvItWhenYa makes me want to find more by Northern State.

    The opening to The Dresden Dolls' cover made me think it was some other song entirely, which had me thinking "no, no, no they didn't", but dammit now I can't recall what the other song was. Something like Orgy covering Blue Monday or Ministry doing Lay Lady Lay, but it's lost in the bottom of this wineglass. It's a good cover, though.

    Generator sounds a bit like something The Cranberries would have done if they were from San Francisco instead of Limerick; not sure why that's the impression I get, but there you have it.

    2Wicky has been on my favourites list for a long time, probably because it fits in nicely with the few Portishead tracks I like.

    Good mix, very much liked.

    Oh, and if you're not already listening to Warren Ellis' "The 4am" mixtapes, you're missing out on some very strange but occasionally excellent (or possibly the other way around) music.

    • jwz says:

      I was listening to his music posts for a while, but it seemed like he was leaning heavily toward jangly accoustic folk and/or catatonia-inducing Icelandic heroin music, so I gave up... perhaps I will check in again.

      • waider says:

        Unequivocally yes to both those categories, but he's just started up again after a hiatus and has re-broadcast his request for people to send him music so perhaps there's some new stuff in the pipeline. Plus, in among the jangly acoustic icelandic sopophorics there's the odd slap-in-the-face-with-a-frozen-kipper that really makes you sit up - I've been going back over the series largely due to a glitch in iTunes' podcast handling (whine, spit) and it turns out there were some excellent bits of music in there that I'd completely forgotten about. A whole bunch of noise that I'm still trying to forget, too, but *handwave*.

    • waider says:

      Aha, it came back to me: I thought the Dresden Dolls track was a cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart, which isn't quite the terror I thought it was, but still.

  4. katerv says:

    I'm a week or so behind on the mixtapes, but this one has definitely been my favorite so far. When the Miranda Sex Garden track came on, I immediately thought "Seriously? Milli Vanilli?", but that went away pretty quickly. These tapes are excellent, thanks for making them!