Micronaut: Assemblage #1

Chris Randall wrote:
Assemblage #1 is music set to a repurposed industrial video found in the Prelinger Archives that shows a 40s telephone being assembled from individual parts. I didn't edit the video at all; it is as it is found in the archives. Rather, I timed the music to follow the video. The original film can be found here.
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6 Responses:

  1. skyhawk92e says:

    I really enjoyed that.

  2. bytehead says:

    I didn't even go to another tab while that was playing. Excellent.

  3. The electrical wires near the end are oddly sexual...

  4. moonracer says:

    That made me feel like a kid again.

  5. solarbird says:

    The best part is hand-assembling the elements of the carbon microphone. Wow.