I, for one, welcome our new roof-mounted muppet-bot overlords.


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7 Responses:

  1. gwynjudd says:

    I want one for my house. Except it should swallow annoying door-to-door salesmen and religious peddlers.

  2. unwoman says:

    I kept expecting one of those children to look up and scream, but apparently he's their friend.

  3. allartburns says:

    It was really cool in person. Golan and his team did an amazing job.

  4. chrisbert says:


    Doot-do do-do-doot.

  5. mcity says:

    BIG BROTHER IS-wait.

  6. shandrew says:

    This one primarily made me wonder why people use Youtube, with its crappy video compression and obnoxious branding. Youtube video quality reminds me of quicktime 1.0 on a mac LC.