Wow, at The Faint show, the douchebags blowing prominent pot clouds are mostly sorority douchebags instead of the usual fratboy douchebags. Who knew. Also, someone has been doing the Rabbit disco "woop woop" for like 10 minutes, Srsly 100x. Starting to despise Fillmore crowds. They better be good.

Update: Left after three songs, after having a screaming argument with the most-adjacent fratboy douchebag who was blowing smoke in my face. Band was ok, sound quality was mediocre, mood at that point was "pissed off". Went to Death Guild where, whatever its failings, at least I knew the odds of ending up screaming at fratboy douchebags was low.


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  1. perligata says:

    They are douchebaguettes!

  2. bifrosty2k says:

    wow, sounds like some folks are either asleep at the wheel or overwhelmed. I've definately watched some people get the boot there...

    • jwz says:

      You know, after all the times I've been to Filmore, I'm not sure I believe that they ever employ more than 4 security staff: 2 outside, 2 on the entrance stairs.

      • bifrosty2k says:

        It entirely possible that since I usually go there for metal shows, there's just more security. I know one guy who works security there, but I usually see a fair amount. They even have some "undercover" security guys who run into the pits and keep things orderly.

      • sparklydevil says:

        i wouldn't go to the filmore if jesus was playing. they were dickish enough to remove the *tiny* handful of flyers from my purse (i wasn't even passing them out, i just have them w/ me at all times) but couldn't be bothered to do anything about the hordes of pot smokers, drunk ass who pushed me until i nearly fell, and asshole who tried to pick a fight with my date. HATE the filmore.

  3. rapier1 says:

    I went to Columbus this weekend to see Flogging Molly and there were also huge roiling clouds of pots smoke over the entire place (the sound was also mediocre). It was outdoors so it wasn't so bad - but I haven't smelled that much pot smoke at a show in years and years. I don't 'get' pot. Fortunately, in yinzerville its pretty uncommon at most shows.

  4. vordark says:

    What I want to know is why I've been to many shows where cigarette smokers are promptly told to snuff it by security, but pot smoking appears to be "O.K.".

    Is there some additional paperwork/police reporting clubs have to do when they catch someone smoking pot that makes them say "You know, we're just going to pretend you're not here."?

    • bdu says:

      That's always been my assumption.

    • strspn says:

      If they aren't going by total bronchoalveolar lavage fluid particle or mass load, in which even heaviest pot smokers have an advantage over filter cigarette smokers, I don't want to know about it. They are called "Security," for a reason. Security as in blanket. Don't destroy my idealism with your crazy talk about paperwork.

  5. cryptomail says:

    If you look like security, and act like security, you are security.
    If pawt smokin' baggadouche is blowing it in your face, then just shine a light on him. Then the other security guards will come too! If this sounds like too much energy, sorry. :(

    True faux security story:
    One time this idiot was drunk at a bar and making googly eyes at my friend's girlfriend. It was quite rude. I, very intently, put on my Long's Drugs 2.99 polyester red gloves that I use for riding my bike, and said "I've had enough of drunk guy.", and pretended like I was going to fight.
    He got the point and left.

    If you want change or control over a situation, sometimes you have to effect it yourself.

  6. tjcrowley says:

    Went to Death Guild where, whatever its failings, at least I knew the odds of ending up screaming at fratboy douchebags was low.

    But you probably still heard the Rabbit disco "woop woop".

  7. nightrider says:

    I walked out of a Primus/Gogol Bordello show for exactly the same reason. I walked in... sat through about a song and a half and couldn't hack it anymore. (hah)

    I also highly recommend the maglight method. Also the "I WORK HERE" method when getting into fights is an excellent deterrent/ruse that quickly gives you an escape/advantage. If things look like they're about to get out of hand, simply pause, give a frustrated look and shout "I WORK HERE" to the party in question and it usually makes them stop doing whatever it is they're doing long enough for you to walk away and grab security or put in a few good licks before they do. :)

  8. mc_kingfish says:

    You know, we have a show we do on Monday nights. Going to it is way better than these things you have mentioned.

    Get John and Eva, and the 3 of you drive OVER THE SCARY WATER and come hang with us. It's seriously 15 minutes. max, from your front door.

    Also: boobies.

  9. lalalydia says:

    Yeah, every time I go to the Fillmore, I hate it more. That crowd was LAME. The show was good, but agree the sound could have been better. Sorry the loser potheads ruined it for you. The new stuff was somewhat "meh" but I need to listen to the album... I hate hearing new stuff live when the sound is less than ideal.

  10. lafinjack says:

    If they won't shove it, bring along a bottle of bad stink air and waft it at 'em.

  11. piq says:

    Other than that, what bothers you about people smoking pot in your proximity? Assuming they're blowing upwards, and not in your face obviously.

    Also, how do you feel about decriminalization for recreational use?

    • jwz says:

      I view pot smokers, tobacco smokers, and coprophiliacs identically: I don't give a flying fuck what you do with your body, but jesus christ, you people reek, please keep that repulsive smell out of my air supply and off of my clothes and hair.

      The only reason smokers think that "but I'm blowing it in the opposite direction from you" actually works is because smoking has completely obliterated their sense of smell. There's at least a fifteen foot non-directional stench zone.

      When clubs and bars still allowed smoking, I used to leave my clothing outside on the porch when i got home because I couldn't stand to be in the same room with the residual stink.

      You all suck.

      • piq says:

        I try to be considerate, but fuck you too if that's the sentiment. ;b

        • jwz says:

          Which sentiment? The fact that "blowing smoke the other way" doesn't work, regardless of how considerate you consider it? Or the fact that smokers stink? Or the fact that being around smokers makes my clothes and hair stink? I'm confused about which of these facts you find sentimental.

          • piq says:

            People smell, it's a fact of life. A handful of pot-puffs are unlikely to affect that much one way or another, but I'll refrain from smoking in your club from this point onward.

            "You all suck" was the statement I found sentimental, for reference.