Chinese propaganda portraits in oil

I still haven't decided what black velvet painting I want, but this is pretty good too:

"Maoart paintings integrate with virtuosity real people's faces into faithfully reproduced propaganda posters. Based on a photograph provided by you and a poster of your choice, an artist renders you as a socialist hero."

Also, Torsopants: These would be better as posters than t-shirts, alas.


4 Responses:

  1. porphyre says:

    I dearly want a dogs playing poker last supper with elvis as a crying clown jesus, but they told me it would be too expensive.

  2. vomitrocity says:

    Though they would make awesome posters, I immediately thought of a couple of friends I should buy each of those shirts for.

    I totally want to be in a Mao poster. o_o

  3. inoah says:

    I'd love to see Shepard Fairy sporting one of those shirts.

  4. I like Torsopants' "Insane Clown Potsie" shirt. That had me chuckling.