Chainsaw Maid

"Chainsaw Maid", the best zombie movie of the year:

"Bloody Date" is pretty good too:

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7 Responses:

  1. kencf0618 says:

    That's right up there with Large Hadron Rap.

  2. edlang says:

    That was fantastic!

  3. taffer says:

    Wallace & Grommit meet the Grindhouse!

  4. coldacid says:

    Makes claymation finally watchable again.

  5. elfs says:

    I have absorbed much awesome!

  6. belgand says:

    I'm still uncertain why the maid was about to start getting naked. Even after the first zombie (and destroying her before she turns) I think that I'd be too preoccupied with that to worry about further zombies for a while.