Brand Necrophilia, part 5

At you can now register email addresses ending in... "".

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

So yeah, I re-claimed But I don't see a way to make that forward out of their webmail system, so don't bother sending me mail there.

I still can't get "" or the AIM handle "jwz" however.

Remember how they wouldn't give me the domain for my "re-host the old web sites and browsers" project? Yeah. I guess this is the "several hundred thousands of dollars" value for which they really needed this domain.

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7 Responses:

  1. ghewgill says:

    Sad. And now they'll never be able to let it go because there will continue to be Important Customers using an email address for the rest of time.

  2. lohphat says:

    Dmose and I got the word to purge from the DNS servers in early 1995 but the client engineering weenies would not accept the disruption given the hard coded use of in numerous places.

    Thus. It. Would. Never. Die.

    Now, as always, first year marketing interns are running the show.

    I blame Lou.

  3. dossy says:

    LOL, you reclaimed How many emails do you suppose you'll get from ancient cron jobs that are still running, sending email to that address either directly or via /etc/aliases entries? LOL!

  4. endquote says:

    It's good that they're finally integrating credit reports and weight loss advice right into the email experience.

    That domain says "", but I don't see anything about mail in that UI. Awesome.

  5. pphaneuf says:

    Now that's one Sexy Domain, I imagine their servers are now probably catching on fire from so many people delighted that they can finally get themselves one of these hot addresses!


  6. remaker says:

    They plan IMAP/POP in a few months.

    MCOM is an AOL "beta" project. Go figger.

    • shandrew says:

      In the spirit of beta awesomeness, i signed up and received two duplicate welcome mails in my mailbox, both with the same broken images.