Aaron Sorkin Announces New 'West Wing' Animated Series At SorCon

I would totally watch this.


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  1. skywaterblue says:

    So would I. I've spent most of the afternoon trying to figure out who the White Haired Guy is supposed to be -- I thought for the longest time it might be Leo back from the dead, but no, I think it's Alan Alda.

    • steveshot says:

      lol... wow, it doesn't even look like him!!!

    • ciphergoth says:

      And presumably that's Janeane Garofalo/Louise Thornton on the left. Who's the guy in the brown suit next to her, and the guy in the darker suit next to Arnold Vinick/Alan Alda?

      • skywaterblue says:

        The guy in the brown suit is Bram, Santos's young latino speechwriter. (And the reason I remember his name: half the women I knew who watched the show thought he was dreamy.) The guy on the end is obviously supposed to be Rob Lowe in one of his 'manly' power stances.

        • ciphergoth says:

          That makes sense, but even looking at pictures I couldn't say I actually recognised the characters from the caricatures! I think the way everyone looks the same in a suit could be a hurdle for such an animated series - you'd have to work out how to make everyone look visually distinctive. I think Sam Seaborn would keep his glasses on for a start.

    • Right, Vinick accepted the position of Secretary of State in the Santos administration.

  2. phoenixredux says:

    I suspect that you're not alone. I would love to see a revival of West Wing with President Santos.

  3. lanikei says:

    thank you for finding that link! it was in the print edition but i couldn't find it on the site yesterday.

  4. I took me almost 5 minutes to realize this was a spoof... I was finally getting excited about watching the fall season. I should have been tipped off when the article talked about using voice compression technology to fit in more dialog.

  5. k3ninho says:

    BBC reports that Sorkin's working on another project instead: the story of Facebook. West Wing writer tackles Facebook.

    I apologise for bringing such dreadful noise. It can only be a vanity project, right?