iMac and 3 monitors

Dear Lazyweb, I have a 2008 iMac, and I have an external monitor attached to it via the Mini-DVI port (for a total of two screens). Let's say I would like to attach a second external monitor (for a total of three screens). Is there some Firewire or USB dingus that will let me do that?

Really, I'd be happy just splitting the Mini-DVI output, but I think it's been established that that isn't possible.

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I was trying out the RSS reader built into Does anyone find it to be anything but completely useless? It reposts items all the time -- even when they haven't changed. E.g., using it with the various Facebook feeds means you see the same things as "new" over and over and over and over.
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Is next: Legal news!

If You Put That Picture On The Internet I'll Call My Lawyer:
"Of course, he didn't like that very much, and at that point told me that if I put his picture on the internet, he would call his laywer. I assured him that his photo would be on the internet, and he then walked up and grabbed my camera lens."

Also, 'Three Pony Rule' Invoked to Cut Former NFL Player's Monthly $18K Child Support:

While acknowledging there are unique problems with determining the reasonable needs of children of high-earning families, the court said trial judges should nevertheless avoid overindulgence -- citing the doctrine of In re Patterson, 920 P.2d 450 (Kan. App. 1996), that "no child, no matter how wealthy the parents, needs to be provided [with] more than three ponies."

[...] "The court made no distinction between what needs were reasonable, given the age of the children, and what simply amounted to a 'fourth pony,'" wrote Parker, who was joined by Judges Rudy Coleman and Thomas Lyons.


Chinese propaganda portraits in oil

I still haven't decided what black velvet painting I want, but this is pretty good too:

"Maoart paintings integrate with virtuosity real people's faces into faithfully reproduced propaganda posters. Based on a photograph provided by you and a poster of your choice, an artist renders you as a socialist hero."

Also, Torsopants: These would be better as posters than t-shirts, alas.