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lactating furries part 3

Cthulhoid Lactation Fetish Angers UK Charity

The Naturally Juicy advert, which features scantily dressed anthropomorphised gazelles, giraffes and flamingos, has generated a wave of criticism since it hit British TV screens earlier this month, with viewers, children's charities and equal rights groups up in arms over its sexual -- and, some believe, sexist -- content.

Shots of Orangina bottles exploding between the thighs of zebras and squirting on to the breasts of other animals were said to have proved particularly offensive. Equal rights groups are unhappy with the way in which female animals are depicted as lap dancers, gyrating around and pandering to the male animals.

"The almost sinister portrayal of animals in an animation style filled with sexual innuendo leads to very mixed and confused messages," said Mrs Knights.

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