I missed the apocalypse.

Dear Diary, on Saturday, netik, lilmissnever and I went downtown to watch the dry run for the Apocalypse. What it looked like: rent-a-cops closing off a street where a bunch of firemen sat on folding chairs drinking coffee. We also failed to find even a single zombie.

Then lilmissnever took us to what I can only describe as a furry convention. It was a release party for an "elegant gothic lolita" magazine (all three words are false!) I lasted about 45 seconds before I had to flee. There was a pink sugar cookie decorating contest, and a seven foot tranny bunny (no, not Scotty). And this was no mere bunny mask, but a full facial prosthetic, like this.

Overheard: "I really want a fox tail? Because I already have a wolf tail?"



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Agent Sagan

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Pac-Man: The Movie

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mixtape 044

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 044.

I fell behind and did this one kind of at the last minute, but I think it flows pretty well. Let's see, what can I tell you about these tracks... I guess I don't know a lot of trivia about this one. Oxygiene 23 was Die Warzau with Jane Jensen. Stripmall Architecture is the new band from Rebecca and Ryan of Halou. I saw them last week and they were great. The CD is in a cool package, too. They always do great packaging.

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