WTF, Lightroom

So, I've been trying out Adobe Lightroom 1.4.1. It's an amazingly good piece of software, and I really want to use it all the time... but the god damned thing uses all available memory. I'll import a few hundred photos, start tagging them, and within minutes it's using 4GB of RAM, locks up on me with a hypnowheel, and I have to force quit. Restart it, and the same thing happens again ten minutes later. WTF, Lightroom? Is there any way to make it have less insane memory consumption?

(The Lightroom catalog contains all of my photos -- 75,000 of them -- but if the answer is, "you can't have that many photos in your catalog" then I don't understand why I would use Lightroom in the first place, because being able to search on photos by metadata seems like at least half of the reason this program exists. Without access to the whole catalog, Lightroom is just Bridge.)

But anyway, memory usage goes through the roof if I'm just tagging newly-added photos, without touching old files at all.

Any tips?

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