XScreenSaver 5.07, and a "screen savers that suck" poll

XScreenSaver 5.07 out now. Mostly a bug fix release, fixing up a few lingering Xinerama/RANDR bugs, and a bunch of UI tweaks to the preferences dialogs. But most notably, I'm really happy with how the new cartoony cel-shading option to SkyTentacles came out.

And now, a poll!

Screen Savers That Suck, Second Try.

Two years ago I asked you all which screen savers, if any, you thought I should remove from the xscreensaver distribution. That didn't work out so well. A lot of it went like this: "I hate XYZ." "You're crazy, XYZ is my favorite!"

Several people suggested partitioning them into categories (e.g., "Retro", "Math", etc.) but nobody came up with a set of categories that really made sense.

So let's try it another way: please vote in this poll for the screen savers you think I should delete. BUT, please only vote for TEN. The poll will let you select hundreds, but please don't do that. Only select your ten most hated. The ones that make you say, "this screen saver is completely without merit, and anyone who says they like it is lying."

( The "Screen Savers That Suck" Poll   --More--(20%) )

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mixtape 043

Please enjoy jwz mixtape 043. Mostly new stuff this time around...

Some trivia: 1) The story behind Red Flags is pretty funny: in a nutshell, guy's date leaves with his friend, so he sets their Myspace apologies to music. 2) The album version of Zerox Machine covers the track pretty much like a glove (so, why bother?) but I like this remix of it a lot. 3) I saw Minipop last week, and they were fantastic. They reminded me a little of Belly with some My Bloody Valentine mixed in. 4) You've probably heard that Freur track at some point, but you might not know that they later changed their name to Underworld. Doot Doot was the first time I ever heard a backward delay on vocals, which I still think is an awesome sound.

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