Best headline of recent memory:

Breaking News: Gang of Bees Attacks the Mission!

I swear to god this neighborhood keeps getting rougher...

Today (August 2nd) at 12:00 noon I spotted this itinerant horde of bees slowly making its way down 14th street between Mission and Valencia. The roving mass was apparently following a fugitive queen as she made her way down the block, clustering on top of cars and buildings with no concern for private property. Police assured a concerned public that there was, in fact, an emergency beekeeper on his way, and that there was no cause for alarm.

Update: Emergency Beekeeper responds!

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This is was an amazing show!

(Uh... "was". I posted this last night, but it just showed up now....)

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and after the sixth trip up the ladder...

It turns out that the high-tech tupperware container I was using to keep my satellite junk out of the rain turned to dust in the sun. I assume that's why (even though it hasn't rained in months) the left side of the stacker stopped working, as well as with the odd-numbered channels on both LNBs. Which means DirecTivo won't tune any channels, even the odd ones, because it can't get new program data and panics. Good times.

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