XScreenSaver 5.06

XScreenSaver 5.06 out now. Only one new hack this time, but it's a fine one, if I do say so myself. Also this includes a bunch of fixes related to adding, removing and resizing monitors (RANDR/Xinerama) on X11 systems, as I mentioned earlier. So please stress-test that junk. Or be devoured.
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9 Responses:

  1. baconmonkey says:

    tentacle post useless without youtube video clips.

  2. hexapod says:

    you sir, are to be congratulated on your tentacular achievement.

  3. pyrop says:

    Awesome! It's sort of distracting that the tentacles intersect each other sometimes, though.

  4. awils1 says:

    Awesome, a new release. *downloads source*

  5. inoci says:

    tentacles are awesome, but cause the load to spike on my macbook pro (10.5.4, 2.4GHz, 2GB). hadn't seen this usage on any of the other savers before, testing some others to see if i can duplicate the trouble.

  6. inoah says:

    skytentacles may be the best hack you've ever written.

    But yes, the intersecting limbs look a bit odd.

    I was also disappointed not to be sent into unrecoverable madness when I dragged the tentacles from the corner of the window into the middle and instead of seeing something that even lovecraft never envisioned, saw only the disembodied stumps of the tentacles. How do they devour?