Wolverine? Or merely Baron Ünderbheit?

Metal Layering Technique Leads to Fine Tuned Implants
A laser heats the powdered metal in the exact places that need to be firm. "It's like baking a cake," says Andreas Burblies, spokesman for the Fraunhofer Numerical Simulation of Products, Processes Alliance. Any remaining loose powder is subsequently removed. "The end product is an open-pored element," explains Burblies. "Each point possesses exactly the right density and thus also a certain stability." The method allows the engineers to produce particularly lightweight components that are also extremely robust.
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6 Responses:

  1. bassfingers says:

    Wolverine? Hell, with that headline I was thinking more like Damascus dentures!

  2. Could anyone explain to me the similarities between Weapon X and a cake?

  3. mc_kingfish says:

    Lasers make everything cooler.

  4. paulthegeek says:

    Ah yes. From that niche school of cake baking that requires using a laser on each square mm of batter in turn.

    Still, very cool technology.