They seem to have thrown away something amazing here...

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15 Responses:

  1. ninevah says:

    looks to me like the floating markers people use to mark 'lanes' in swimming pools.

    The packrat in me is sad to see those in the trash.

  2. bdu says:

    Pool lanes.

  3. jope says:

    They only look like lane markers... until they coil murderously around the unwary swimmer! Which is probably why they are being tossed.

    Then again, octopuses are notorious for sneaking out of their tanks...

    • wisn says:

      It's sad that people throw out their octopi just because the tentacles are no longer a fashionable shade of blue.

  4. In the lost city of R'lyeh, dread Cthulu recycles.

  5. tfofurn says:

    I suspect large-scale UML diagramming.

  6. merovingian says:

    That's a pool snake. People put it in their swimming pools, and every time it eats a child, it grows a little longer.

  7. detritus says:

    Candy necklace for an obscenely large raver.

  8. cryocone says:

    Have you been to see the Chihuly exhibit at the DeYoung museum yet?

    There are tons of examples of glasswork to satisfy all your tenticular fetishes.

    • romulusnr says:

      Blah... Visit Tacoma, they're everywhere. There's a glass museum there, and a footbridge literally plastered in Chihuly's. Even the bar I went to last night had a dozen Chihuly's above the liquor shelves.

      (I hear he's a dick, the boat operators on Lake Union like to buzz his studio and piss him off. Though I suppose being a cyclops does that to a person.)

      • so, him being a dick gives everyone else the right to be one? sheez. At least he compensates with causing pretty Seussian things to come into being.

        In the DeYoung gift shop, I kept hoping to see eye patches on sale and maybe Chihuly wigs. Alas, there were none.

      • slacktide says:

        Kind of difficult to buzz his studio, it's right next to the main channel in a really congested 7MPH zone.

        It is odd however that he has a bathroom facing the channel, and always keeps the curtains up. Old-school claw-foot tub right up against a floor to ceiling window. Fortunately, I have not yet seen a naked Chihuly.