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  1. perligata says:

    This is what your dendrites look like.

  2. elena says:

    The Dark Lord sent a minion?

  3. loftwyr says:

    Cost effective sushi!

  4. nightrider says:

    Lovecraft his clapping giddily in his grave.

  5. kraquehaus says:


    • Ha ha, I was going to say Fractalpus! Good thing your trademark is for a slightly different word ^^

      • kraquehaus says:

        Fractalpus® is a registered trademark of Octopodes on Hallucinogens Engaged in Science, Inc. thus why I had to come up with my own version.

        Either that or I made a Drive By Typingâ„¢ and failed miserably.

  6. giles says:

    Dear Japanese Schoolgirls,


  7. violentbloom says:

    The japanese dating site advertisement on that page is pretty amusing. I wonder if tentacle porn preferences is something they cater to.

  8. moonracer says:

    I wonder how much control these creatures have over their extra extremities and how that might affect their brain functions. Pretty neat stuff.

  9. Now THAT's a lot of tentacles!