mixtape 038

We now resume your regularly scheduled mixtape programming. Please enjoy jwz mixtape 038.
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  1. strspn says:

    Only a quarter of the way in as I write this, I really like the music styles on this one. The melodies make me happy. As with 90% of stuff I hear with more than a single backing instrument, I can't make out the lyrics more than a snippet here and there.

  2. gwynjudd says:

    This one rocked. Not that I have any complaints with any of the others either.

    When I was little I used to be totally obsessed with "The Box". No I don't know why either.

  3. flim_flam says:

    I've really been enjoying these tapes - a nice mix of the gothy/industrial stuff I used to listen to at college and the bands I've been seeing lately (Lykke Li, Simian Mobile Disco, Ting Tings, Duchess Says).


    (just in case it works both ways, try Holy Fuck, Of Montreal, or Crystal Castles)

  4. wikkit42 says:

    I forgot to mention that if you'd listen to KCRW occasionally, you wouldn't have to learn about bands like The Ting Tings via MTV.

    Morning Becomes Eclectic would be a reasonable choice, or the show the guy does on Sunday nights. kcrw.com as expected.

  5. omni_ferret says:

    I'm liking it:
    Mobile Simian Disco has a nice bassline.
    The Ting Tings sampled "Baby Hold On," didn't they?
    ... I have to track down more Front 242...
    Orbital - The Box - wtf, vocals?

    an Opus 3 song about a fine day.* Oh. Um. I like the song, not the video.
    the Wild Strawberries...

    Now, for some reason, I'm in a Faith No More mood. Later.