Seriously? That's the weak-assed shit you bring to the fortune cookie game? Seriously?

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16 Responses:

  1. endquote says:

    Even prepending it with "you will" would have made it better.

  2. mrwashington says:

    That's old school. Haha!

  3. cetan says:

    "Lee explains how ... an overwhelming majority of fortune-cookie "fortunes" originate from one of two sources: Wonton Food in New York City or Steven Yang, who does not speak fluent English and works out of a warehouse in California."

  4. I got this one a while back, which I really enjoyed:

  5. psymbiotic says:

    I got a blank fortune once.


  6. bitwise says:

    My favorite fortune-cookie message: "Thanks for supporting our meth lab."

  7. mackys says:

    " bed."

  8. marapfhile says:

    Beats "You enjoy eating Chinese food." I think.

  9. ammonoid says:

    "That wasn't chicken".

  10. elusis says:

    As a friend of mine pointed out this week, it's certainly better than "psychics will lead police to your body."

  11. krick says:

    The best cookie fortune I've ever gotten...

    "Order more food now, you'll be hungry in an hour."

    Usually it's something dumb like...

    "You are popular."