Time to close some windows:

  1. Did you know that there's a place in SF where you can rent sensory deprivation tanks? Points to them for not ignoring the elephant in the room and putting a still from Altered States right on their "about" page. No word on devolution, monkeys, or talking to dolphins, however.
  2. Whatever happened to that giant sign attached to Moscone West? I assume the answer is the same as the answer to "whatever happened to the moving ceiling in Metreon", which I assume to be "it broke and we didn't want to spend the money to fix it." Originally it played weird videos and wandered slowly around the building. Then it was just a plain old sign, that they moved occasionally. Now it just sits there. Sad. An art corpse.

  3. Wacky robot design.

  4. Do not want.

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9 Responses:

  1. ommadawn says:

    ...that rented float tanks. There was one in Ann Arbor MI about 15 years ago where I did my first and only float. I can't remember the name, and I am sure that they aren't there any more. They also had light and sound machines, which were very leading edge at the time.

    And no, there weren't any tacky altered states posters there, either.

    • j_b says:

      It was called the Vale Float Center - and I remember they could pipe in music or video after you'd been in sensory deprivation for a while. I tried music the second time, and it was a really interesting experience.

      I heard rumors that there were problems with people dosing on acid before going, or something like that.

      • ommadawn says:

        That's the place. And while I thought about "enhancing" the experience, they sold their sessions about 90 minutes at a time, I figured I'd probably want a longer session if I was gonna do that.

        I remember that most of the time I was in there I was just twitchy for most of the time. I decided that before I did that again it would be a really good idea to do some yoga first.

        I think Detroit had another place that rented floats, it was on 8 Mile somewhere... they had hot tubs for rent, and one of their rooms had one, but I never did it again.

        Sometime around that time, I got a copy of "The Deep Self" by John Lilly. This was pre-Amazon, and the book was out of print anyways. I'd visited Powell's books in Portland and thought that maybe they would have a copy. I called them, and lo and behold they did. Somewhere in the back of my mind there is still the thought that I'd like to build one some day.

  2. schoschie says:

    For some unknown reason, I was thinking of sensory deprivation tanks just yesterday.

  3. squizzlzilla says:

    theres one in London (uk) too: http://www.floatworks.com

    i've been there half a dozen times. it's a most pleasant experience.

  4. jkonrath says:

    I was in a physics class where we had a contest dropping eggs from successive heights in devices made only of drinking straws, and all of the winning designs ended up looking like that robot design.

    The big worry was trying to make a moon lander type thing that always landed "upright". Mine was a triangle inside a triangle inside a triangle, so every direction was upright. My egg didn't break until somewhere above 30 feet. But I always wanted to make a bigger version where the outer straws were telescoping struts that could be expanded/collapsed to shift and propel the whole thing, which is sort of what they do here.

    Unfortunately, this isn't something I can prototype with a shitload of lego mindstorm parts.

  5. My friend Scary Lady Sarah in Chicago used to work, for YEARS in a place (spa?) that had sensory deprivation tanks. I remember one time we were in town touring, and JT went for it.... I haven't yet, bet it's GREAT.

  6. merovingian says:

    Just went to the sensory deprivation tank, based on your LJ. Thanks!